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If you recieve any of the following benefits, it's highly likely that you will qualify for an ECO3 grant

To qualify for an ECO3 grant you must either be in receipt of a qualifying benefit or qualify under your local council’s Flexible Eligibility Scheme (LA Flex).

The full range of qualifying benefits are:

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Great service from start to finish. As a landlord I was dubious at first, as it just sounded too good to be true. They have now completed 8 apartments for me, all the work was to a great standard, the lads where great, I have a couple of vulnerable tenants, who they treat really well and were really understanding. New heating installed, all decorated, still can't believe it has cost me and the tenants nothing. Thanks guys really appreciate your help, make sure you pop in for a coffee down the cafe.

David W

Property Landlord

Was very dubious at first as the site claimed I could secure significant amounts of grants. It all seems a bit too good to be true, but after speaking with the lady on the telephone who talked me through everything I decided to go ahead. A surveyor arrived at the house and did a full inspection, told us what work we could have done and then a few days later the fitters turned up and did a great job. House is much warmer, bills are starting to come down too. Can't complain at all, very happy with everything.

Joanne M


Very friendly and informative service from start to finish. It's still hard to believe the work they have done hasn't cost me anything. We had new insulation done and the house feels much warmer all round. The heating is on far less often now and it's definitely made an obvious difference to our monthly bills. We would highly recommend the service. Or at the very least I would get in touch to see what you qualify for.

Louise A


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